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To the people suffering from FireShot reversions to free version and asking the key/serial regularly

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Posted:  31 Mar 2009 17:09
Please post details here, I'd like to fix this issue in the next release as soon as possible.

(Please make sure you have 0.69 version of the plugin before posting)

Thank you.
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Posted:  11 Jun 2009 17:08
What detail do you need?  This still hasn't
been addressed yet and it quite annoying to have
to go dig out the license key ever time a new
version of FireShot comes out.

I'm running FS 0.77 on FireFox 3.0.10 on
Windows XP Pro SP2.
Posted:  11 Jun 2009 17:12   Last Edited By: JK
Can you tell me your previous version of fireshot?
FireShot Pro Pro Full Webpage Screenshots will be moving to a subscription model soon!
There's a last chance to purchase a Lifetime License and get a 33% discount! - https://getfireshot.com/buy.php
Posted:  26 Jun 2009 15:44
XP Pro SP3 English
IE 7.0.5730.13

FireShot button and dropdown totally unresponsive. Keeps downgrading my registered version to demo. I uninstalled and reinstalled with no luck. FireShot used to work fine several versions ago.

Charles Hirst
Posted:  10 Sep 2010 16:04
Having the same problem where I've purchased Pro but its telling me my 30 day trial has expired.
Plugin version 0.69
OS is Windows XP
If I try to use FireShot it popups the 30 day trial expired message, but I can't find the email with my license key - but I've got proof of purchase on my bank statement.
Posted:  15 Sep 2010 21:35
Fireshot 0.85
Win 7 Ultimate
Firefox 3.6.9

Uninstalled/disabled/reinstalled etc Fireshot addon.  Nothing seems to alleviate the problem.  Windows IE free version works for now but I hate using IE.  Please help!
Posted:  16 Sep 2010 11:47
The fix kindly posted by achong at https://screenshot-program.com/sup/art859.htm worked for me:

1) Uninstall Fireshot for Internet Explorer - very important! (Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs) - do not uninstall from anywhere else
2) Close all Internet Explorer windows.
3) Install/Run Firefox.
4) Install the Fireshot version for Firefox.
5) Restart Firefox.
  a) If this is the first time you've installed for Firefox, it'll ask if you want to integrate with Internet Explorer, click Yes.
  b) If the option does not popup after restarting Firefox, click on the down arrow next to the Fireshot Icon and click "Integrate with Internet Explorer". (this is the option I chose)
6) Open an Internet Explorer window, and Fireshot should be installed and working. - the first time I opened IE it didn't work so I followed 5b again then step 6 worked and I was able to choose to use the free version of Fireshot in IE

Bit convoluted but all working again now smile
Posted:  03 Oct 2010 09:45
I did it the way Wendy posted but no Fireshot toolbar appears (as in WinXP).

Does Fireshot for IE8 work under IntExp 64bit and Win7 64 bit?

Or only for 32bit WinOS + IntExp ?

Keep in mind that under Win7 there is no Add/remove programs in Control panel but "Programs and features"

Posted:  04 Oct 2010 09:27
Peter, only 32bit version of Internet Explorer is supported. Fortunately, it is available even in my Windows 7 64bit.
FireShot Pro Pro Full Webpage Screenshots will be moving to a subscription model soon!
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Posted:  05 Dec 2010 17:36
I install Firshot couple weeks ago from the firefox addon where it says FREE. Now I can't use it because a box comes up saying your Fireshot pro has expired 30 days trial is up. What is the deal here. Where is the FREE version for this?
Posted:  24 Jan 2011 17:48   Last Edited By: Cardinal
The same problem. Fireshot (not Pro!) ask money. Please, help! I use Firefox.
Posted:  24 Jan 2011 17:59
My earlier posted fix no longer works - am afraid I'm going to have to give up on Fireshot and move to another screen capture software.  Can no longer get IE version to work at all - have uninstalled through control panel, tried using the 'integrate into IE' option in FF (get error about an SSS.dll) and reinstalling latest version (get told my trial has expired and I need to buy).

Agree with everyone else that they no longer seem interested in support or maintenance for the free version and just want you to pay for pro.
Posted:  25 Jan 2011 11:34
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Posted:  25 Jan 2011 12:10   Last Edited By: sekim
My posted solution also now also seems to be "fixed" - and traces of it misteriously removed from this forum.

This is clearly only trial ware now - they really should be up front about it.

I would recommend using ScreenGrab! instead.
Posted:  18 Feb 2011 17:48
I have purchased TWO pro licenses for two separate machines and both have stopped working in the last few weeks.   When I sent e-mail to support, message was returned as unanswered. 

I have Fireshot Version: 0.88 on Google Chrome, MS Windows XP.    Also use on Firefox.   Other machine is Windows Vista, same version of Google Chrome.

None of that should be relevant - both of my pro versions were registered, activated and working fine for months and then stopped working with no change to browser. 

Please rectify this immediately.

Posted:  19 Mar 2011 20:02
I have spent several hours trying to make this work. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted, etc. I keep getting the message "Fireshot Pro trial expired". I have tried rolling back to .85 and it wont work!!!!! I am getting so frustrated that I now give up and will find another solution. Really sad as I love Fireshot...
Posted:  15 Aug 2011 23:24
I purchased the Pro version of Fireshot in November of last year and suddenly it says that my trial has expired.  I paid for it again and want my refund.
Posted:  16 Aug 2011 16:11
I can't find where to find out the version that is installed.
Posted:  23 Aug 2011 15:34
I realize this forum question started a while back, but this is happening to me now.  I bought the Pro version and it has reverted back to the free version and is telling me that my trial has expired.  I need to take full page screenshots of a pdf and it will not take them and is giving me a lot of blank screenshots.  I purchased Pro back in November.  I don't want to have to go try to dig up my registration info and may not even have it.  Need solution right away.
Posted:  15 Nov 2011 19:58
buzzmeok,  changing the registry value does not work.
Posted:  05 Dec 2011 19:54
It did it again.  It now says my 30 day trial has expired.  Please email me my license information so I can get beyond this and take some screenshots.
Posted:  03 Jan 2012 16:12
I installed fireshot 0.96 and it worked great, know I get a popup that says the 30 pro trail is over, do I want to buy... and nowhere that I can tell it NO!!!! I only need the free versions functions, why won't it revert to the free edition

I'm running firefox 9.0.1 with fireshot 0.96
Posted:  09 Jan 2012 23:11
same for me now. no way to go back to the free version. very frustrating, have to remove it.
Posted:  23 Feb 2012 08:22

Does Fireshot ever going to get back to us about this???

Plugin version             : FireShot 0.96
OS type and version        : MS Windows 7 SP1, english
Version of Firefox         : Firefox 10.0.2
Steps to reproduce the bug : Every time Fireshot is used

I'm have IE, Chrome and Firefox installed and fireshot is installed on all 3. Firefox is my main browser and only on firefox I keep getting the message " Fireshot Pro has expired, do you want to buy a license" and I don't want to buy but it never reverts back to the basic.

PLEASE help or fix this issue with firefox, seeing that it keeps working on the other 2 browsers.
Posted:  16 Mar 2012 02:09
We have purchased pro version and this is the 5th or 6th time we have had to ask for a new license # to put in because it reverts back to the trial version. Please send it asap to vk at je dot com.  2nd request this time.  Sent an email earlier today.  Would rather have update to your program that fixes this problem.
Posted:  16 Mar 2012 02:43
Actually, they have responded to every request I have put on this thread to help me and within 24 hours each time.  I just wish there was a bug fix that this wouldn't happen any longer.
Posted:  17 Mar 2012 05:34
Vicky, I'm working at your problem. Will get back to you soon.
FireShot Pro Pro Full Webpage Screenshots will be moving to a subscription model soon!
There's a last chance to purchase a Lifetime License and get a 33% discount! - https://getfireshot.com/buy.php
Posted:  17 Mar 2012 05:59
yeah same here it used to work fine now i have to keep ding out the key what gives????????
Posted:  17 Mar 2012 15:07
well there is a first time for everything.  now that i have your attention you can answer the rest of us about fs not reverting back to the free version.
Posted:  17 Mar 2012 16:10
I found my original key and it worked to revert it back to the pro.
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