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Upload scrolling screenshot to easycaptures site

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Posted:  07 Mar 2009 14:51
I am a registered user, and very happy with the software. Uploading lots to my easycaptures page.
wonder how to get a statcounter on my page. I have the code but i don't see how to get it on. As it's a horrible sight to have the whole code included in my profile or signature, which can't be the meaning.Nor will it be able to run from there. (guess).
It should be in the body of the source, but we users can't get there.
I wrote support a few times about it but didn't get any reply so i better ask in the forum.
There are reasons why i need to know who's visiting my images.
Thank you so much in advance for help and tips!
And thanks for the great software!
Posted:  08 Mar 2009 10:31
Thanks, I'll think about it. Unfortunately I haven't got much time right now because of work under Screenshot Studio 1.9
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Posted:  24 May 2009 22:35
Wondering, now there is so much worked on the Easycaptures site with some nice tools, if there are any thoughts about the option of including my counter which shows the IP addresses of my site visitors, like statcounter does.
For a few phpBB3 forums which don't allow scripting i used the HTML version of statcounter which works fine for me.
But i really would like to be able to include it somehow in my homepage as it counts every page.
But it must be limited to my own account of course, not the whole of Easycaptures! smile
Posted:  27 May 2009 11:42
Another burning question is the option of editing / removing other people's comments on any images. Since unwanted comments some weeks ago gave me the only option of closing the page and upload the images again with my own description.
Posted:  31 Mar 2014 16:28
Any updates please if this upload option has been given much thought lately?
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