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里山の別邸下田セントラルホテル 5 hours ago
Eris Savio 8 hours ago
Invaluable for my Aesthetics class that asks for stills. No other program like it that was found useful
Adena Momple 10 hours ago
Great extension! I use it all the time and it's brilliant. Very easy to use :-)
Emerson Fidel Perez Alarcon 13 hours ago
Es lo que buscaba, y es muy util.
International Fud Distribucija 17 hours ago
Sam Surry 20 hours ago
Makes it so easy to capture and save on-screen activity. I don't know what I'd do without it some days!
Gera Erwin 20 hours ago
Не могу сказать что в проге есть косяки. Работает как надо, стоит у меня с великого потопа. Решает кучу проблем. Советую!
Cheree Carter 21 hours ago
Excellent and easy to use. LOVE it!!
冰之狼柠檬 21 hours ago
三澤紫穂 22 hours ago
troy shi 1 day ago
Lauren Ludik 1 day ago
Can't recommend enough, does everything but better. Saves so much time and effort. Really appreciate the hard work that has been put into this, and that it is free! So THANK YOU!
gianni loseto 1 day ago
Utilissima !! Funziona sempre e torna utile quando vuoi salvare tutto o un frammento di ciò che stai vedendo sul web. Grande !!
Sylvain Rousson 1 day ago
Excellent soft pour générer des captures complètes de page, merci
逞科 1 day ago
これなしでは仕事ができません。 気になる点を一つ挙げるとすれば、 画像保存の際に、保存場所が必ず決まったフォルダになるので、ひとつ前に保存した場所が出てくるようになるとありがたいです。
Luca Montaguti 1 day ago
Applicazione salva vita, assolutamente da avere almeno nella versione free.
Julien N 1 day ago
Simple, efficace !!! Superbe extension
Ning Yu 1 day ago
that's super helpful to take screenshot for entire webpage.
번개맞은연탄 2 days ago
업그레이드 되어서 더 좋아졌네요.
何峰 2 days ago
很棒耶 推薦
David M. 2 days ago
Michael Baikepi 2 days ago
Thee best!!!
Al Criswell 2 days ago
It's a wonderful app. Operates as I wish all apps would - easy, simple to use, no muss, no fuss.
F M 2 days ago
rápido y eficaz, ahorra mucho trabajo


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This is a limited time offer so you should act quickly!

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