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Can't reinstall Fireshot add-on in Firefox

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Posted:  17 Dec 2009 14:32
Recently my son accidenttly removed FireShot. I now can't reinstall the add on. I can download the add-on and install it, but after restarting Firefox the add-on is removed from the add-on list and also the FireShot-icon is not available in Firefox.

I have the same problem with CoolIris.

I have allready tried the following actions:

- removing history and cookies - no result
- removing extension files - no result
- removing profile from firefox and reïnstalling all add-ons - no result
- installing the newest version of firefox - no result

I am using

- Windows XP
- Mozilla Firefox 3.5.6 (Dutch Version)

Do you have any suggestions what I can do to resolve this problem?

I'll be most greatfull!

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