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Screen capture chrome extension auto update

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Posted:  23 Jan 2012 22:10
I restarted my computer after doing a Windows update and when Firefox reopened I came to this page and Fireshot had auto updated to the pro trial.
WTH? madhttps://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d54/fakirone/FireShotScreenCapture029-Updatedsuccessfully-screenshot-program_com_fireshot_updated_php_ver0_95appfx.jpg
Posted:  24 Jan 2012 16:09
yep, this happens to a lot of people.

njoy your 30 days left, after that you won't be able to reactivate the trial version.
Posted:  24 Jan 2012 19:01
It's too bad because I like Fireshot, but I guess I will just use a different program like I had to do on my other box. I will not be pay be paying.

Super lame of Fireshot.
Posted:  10 Feb 2013 17:43
Just curious on this. Did you mean that you had a licensed version then it went to trial after Windows update?
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