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Fireshot Pro not capturing entire page

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Posted:  21 Jan 2012 20:21
Plugin version pro 0.46
Windows 7 Home Premium SP1
Firefox 9.01

I have a webpage that extends well beyond the bottom of the screen - with a scroll bar. Capture entire page only captures the visible area
Posted:  27 Jan 2012 13:04
What was the answer I have the same issue.  On some pages (Fireshot, BBC)when I do an entire capture I get the entire page including everything that has dropped below what's visible.

On another website the capture only includes what's visible.

I'm using Windows 7 with IE9.0.8112
Posted:  29 Jan 2012 15:13
Plugin version pro 0.96
OS type and version Windows 7, Swedish
Version of Chrome: 17.0.963.44 beta-m
Graphic card: NVS 3100m

I have the same issue, but I don't even get the visible part of the websites when capturing the entire page. Tried to turn off Aero, but still the same problem.

Thanks in advance!
Posted:  30 Jan 2012 02:24
Taxen, can I see it myself via TeamViewer (teamviewer.com)? What time are you available for a small session?
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Posted:  15 Jun 2013 23:25
Hi Taxen, I was wondering if you were able to fix this. Can you please share how?
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