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REQ: screenshot text vs graphics (i have a dream)

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Posted:  24 Sep 2008 10:58
Okay, here's a rather enthusiastic feature request which i've been nagging lots of devs so far. Without much luck wink

As a webdesigner i often have to deal with redesigns of special areas of a site. Adjust background graphics a little bit here, move text around a bit there. It'd be an enormous step forward if it'd be possible to take a screenshot of just the text content of a site and the graphics individually. So i could manage 2 layers in Photoshop and work on the graphics without destroying the text.

I guess the entire concept could be expanded to place all graphic objects according to divs or whatever structure of a website in Photoshop layers and so on. But for now the rather small step to have a seperate layer for text and graphics would be a big relief in everydays webdesigner's work.

Hope you get my idea.
Posted:  24 Sep 2008 12:10
Got it. But practically have no ideas on how to perform it. Possibly you know?
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Posted:  25 Sep 2008 00:17
Well, i guess i'm the wrong to ask - i'm just sitting on the *want* side of things smile

Since Firebug can distinguish between those different kinds of website content, it might be an idea to look at its source (it's open source, innit?).

I guess it's definitely not trivial to accomplish after all, but whose first will most likely get the chicks haha...
Posted:  22 Feb 2014 17:31
Sorry to bump this up but I would love to see this being implemented please.
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