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I'm confused about the entire upload feature.

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Posted:  20 Sep 2008 07:50
Ok, so I gave up a similar plugin for Fireshot because it has this "upload to a server" feature. I try it tonight and it said it uploaded and redirected my browser to the uploaded image. I wanted to see the interface for my uploaded photos. Management, etc. I hit the back button and it says "Your file has been deleted   Regards, Development Team". LOL. Which seems very rude but funny. Anyhow, I would much like to be able to login to this place where my pictures are stored so I may retrieve them but I have no idea how! uploads.screenshot-program.com only takes me back to the page I just explained.

I haven't seen one place that explains this process. Wouldn't it be nice if this program included an "upload to an FTP" option? I would much prefer to store the images on my own FTP than sending it to your server for many reasons including the constant problems this feature is having. I'd even prefer to store them on photobucket before your server. C'mon..make it an OPTION. Please?
Posted:  20 Sep 2008 22:30
Possibly you mixed up a "back" button with "delete picture" ?

The interface will be improved soon, keep patience please smile
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Posted:  31 May 2014 18:36
Hi text, try to update to the latest version. I can see that they have done a lot of changes. I think that's what you're looking for here.
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