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No highlight feature in Fireshot?

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Posted:  23 May 2011 19:31
Fireshot 0.89 (fixed); Vista HmPrem SP2; FX 4.0.1

No highlight feature in Fireshot?  Haven't used Fireshot very long, but gone thru options / settings thoroughly.  Appears only thing close to "highlighting" solid color over text is the "Glow" feature.  That's fine for some things, not for highlighting lines of text - too large an area of color. 

Could also use "Draw" & free hand along text, but it's not really a transparent color over the text and not a "clean" look, even if draw a narrow line around text.

Another question:  why do the tool icons in R side pane disappear after each operation, until a new area is selected in screen?  The blank tool pane remains visible - why not the tool icons?

Posted:  23 May 2011 19:38
I'm starting from the end of your message:

The icons disappear because they're not available until selection is created.

To highlight a rectangular area, please use Text and Shape tool.
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Posted:  23 May 2011 20:44
Thanks.  Re: highlighting using Text and Shape tools.

I don't see how the Text tool is useful for highlighting lines of text.

Shape tool:  Prob I'm having w/ it for highlighting, is it adds a text box above the rectangle drawn around selected text, and a "line" from selected text to text box.

You can uncheck the "line" and "text" options in the R pane after selecting the text - but it won't save those preferences.

Even on same screen grab, after unchecking the "line" & "text" options in Shape tool once, the next line of text you choose to highlight, it rechecks line & text-box options.  It doesn't hold your preference changes for that session, much less permanently.  Having to manually remove the text box & line on each new highlighted area doesn't make sense.

Seems it would be more useful for Fireshot to save user preferences, if not a dedicated highlighting tool.  Highlighting is a very common, useful feature in screen capture & other prgms.
Posted:  02 Sep 2015 19:08
I totally agree and am surprised there is no highlight tool
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