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Grey horizontal line when take full page screenshot (Chrome)

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Posted:  03 Jun 2011 02:10
Firefox v4.01
Fireshot v0.90

Posted:  03 Jun 2011 04:35
This is because you're using a zoom factor for viewing this webpage. Try pressing Ctrl+0 and capturing again.
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Posted:  08 Jun 2011 01:39   Last Edited By: borayeris
No, zoom is 100%. That happens when a page has flash. Please try it with a page with flash.
Posted:  04 Dec 2013 18:53
Definitely a zoom factor issue. Have you made any progress to this yet?
Posted:  21 Dec 2013 16:03   Last Edited By: BioWeed
I have the same issue
FF 26.0
FS 0.98.47
It seems to be caused by the taskbar when it's set to auto-hide and when it's at the bottom of the screen.
WORKAROUND: Running FF in fullscreen or non-auto-hiding the taskbar makes those black lines not show up, enabling the add-on bar in FF works as well.
Posted:  08 Jan 2014 05:33
Same issue here!
FF 26.0, Win 8.0

Everyting have been ok. Today I activated a trialrun for Fireshot PRO. After that I get those irritating grey lines down the page. I tried to change zoom, but this do not help (I tried to zoom to minimum and get the hole webpage i the visible area, and the it goes away). I tried to reinstall, but didn't help. I tried permanent showing taskbar, but didn't help. I tried enabling add-on bar on FF, but didn't help.

On thing that do help is to run FF in fullscreen.

Please fix this, because it's a very good add-on!
Posted:  08 Jan 2014 06:40
Hello again
I upgraded to 0.98.48, but with the same result.
I see now that when I reinstall or upgrade (I have previously deleted the add-on and restartet my FF), Fireshot is automaticly initiating the PRO-version again. Why? I have tried to erase the folder in c:/../roaming/Firefox... but this don't help. How can I clear the settings for Fireshot? I will then try to reinstall with the free version and see if that will do the conversion better?
Posted:  08 Jan 2014 07:00
Here is an example of the probleme with grey lines Link

FireShot 0.48, Win 8.0, Firefox 26.0
Posted:  08 Jan 2014 07:27
Hi again
I think I have fixed the problem on my PC. If I go to FS menu and choose <Preferences> and under <Flash capture method> choose any choices ecxept <Auto>, it will at last work for me thumb_up. It is still a bug, but now I can fortunately use FS as normal again.
Posted:  09 Jan 2014 14:11
Hi Tip, thanks for sharing your experience. Can you tell me please, if the Flash capture method is selected as "Auto", does this bug happen to any webpage or is it specific to some URLs ?
FireShot Pro Pro Full Webpage Screenshots will be moving to a subscription model soon!
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Posted:  09 Jan 2014 19:42   Last Edited By: Tip
I have testet more web sites with the Flash Capture in Auto and discovered the following:
* Only web sites using flash player get the grey lines
* It looks like FS then get into a special modus, because it captures the site like taking a picture of the visible area, moving down one page, capture that page, again moving down, capture that page unntil the end is reached. On every capturestop it produces this grey line in the bottom of that capture.
* It also produce a sound when finish (the 'play sound after capture' is set to on), but not if FS is not using that method above. I.e. on a web site without flash player it capture the hole site simultaneously (no page-moving down function) and no sound is produced.
* No grey lines is produced if the website is under one page long

Hope this will help
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