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Not free anymore? "Trial period expired"

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Posted:  01 Jun 2011 00:13
Plugin version:  Fireshot 0.90
OS type and version:  MS Windows Vista Home Basic Service Pack 2 (English)
Firefox version:  3.6.17
Steps taken:  uninstall/reinstall; rebooted computer

When I tried to use FireShot today, it wouldn't let me until I upgraded to the new version.

On the download page, there was NO option for the free version so I downloaded anyway.

Once upgraded, I again tried to use it.  Then I received the "Trial period expired" pop-up.  Apparently FireShot is now unusable.

I uninstalled it and reinstalled.  Same results.

I tried editing the User Key as shown in another thread.  Still the same results.

I tried installing via the FireFox updates.  Same results.

If the plug-in is no longer free, be honest and update all pages, including those on FireFox/Mozilla.  I will not consider purchasing when I feel the makers are being dishonest.  Right now, it looks like both dishonesty and lack of support (based on there being NO fix on this board).

If there is a fix, please post.

(This is my 2nd post as the first one seemed to have 'disappeared'...)
Posted:  02 Jun 2011 18:05
Plugin version:  Fireshot 0.90
OS type and version:  MS Windows XP Pro v2002 SP3 (English)
Firefox version:  4.0.1
Steps taken:  upgraded, got the trial expired message, tried re-entering licensing info, tells me I need to upgrade again - in a loop.
Posted:  02 Jun 2011 23:37
Well, I did receive an email reminding me to pay for the program... IF, and only IF, I receive support would I even consider purchasing.

So far, the silence is DEAFENING.
Posted:  12 Jun 2011 17:06
I'll just be lazy and say I've done the steps as the previous posters.

I am confused as to: is this no longer free?
Posted:  01 Jul 2011 03:03
Fireshot o.85
Winddows 7 Home Premium English
Internet Explorer 9.0.1

I receive the message "Your 30 day trial is over and we offer you to purchase Fireshot Pro"

I do not need the Pro version and have been happy with the free version previously.

How do I revert to the free version?

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