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automatic chrome screenshot!!!!

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Posted:  19 Apr 2009 05:41   Last Edited By: test
What I really want is to be able to archive every single web page I visit...automatically.

With Fireshot, this is possible but not easy. I was hoping maybe in the future someone could give me an "auto snap shot" feature? Something that automatically captures the entire page and saves it to a new folder inside the parent directory of the URL.

So, if the snapshot came from www.hello.com/hello
then the image would be named www.hello.com-hello.jpg but it would be in a folder called www.hello.com thus automatically organizing it by site.

This way, if I took a picture at www.hello.com/goodbye then it would still save the image in the hello.com directory. Make sense?

Doing this automatically for me would enable me to be the ultimate internet pack-rat which I long to become. Having it take a snapshot on every finished load. Also, taking note NOT to overwrite the already existing file (if it's there). Instead, name it www.hello.com-hello(2).jpg

Anyhow, this is what I'd really really like. It does all these things already but it's quite tedious. I spend more time saving the pages then I do stumbling through them. Unless someone else has a better suggestion, then this is my feature request.

Posted:  30 Nov 2013 20:37
You can probably make use of Windows task Scheduler here. Although I haven't tried this one out yet.
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