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filename template not working

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Posted:  06 Nov 2021 22:22
Plugin version (FireShot 0.99.15)
OS type and version (win7 pro, English)
Version of browser (i.e. Chrome  95.0.4638.54 )
Webpage URL causing this problem = all webpages

i am getting some strange issue from past few months,
fireshot is not able to get the set template information.
it returned with some weird text and number like "7e569a4d-ed22-4d16-92e4-882484f0d636.png"
Posted:  08 Nov 2021 22:50
Hello. Please temporarily disable all the downloading helper extensions to check if the problem disappears.
FireShot Pro Pro Full Webpage Screenshots will be moving to a subscription model soon!
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Posted:  09 Nov 2021 00:31
hello Mr.Admin
thanks a lot for the quick reply.
really appreciate it.

i follow your instruction and the problem is completely resolved.
now the extension works as smooth as always.

regretting that i posted here after wasting a lot of time.
i was not aware of this forum before.

thanks a lot gain,
it is really really very useful extension to me.
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