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Cannot screen capture full output of Belarc Advisor in Chrome browser

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Posted:  17 Oct 2021 19:37
Plugin version FireShot Pro for Firefox v.0.99.15

OS type and version Windows 10 Home (x64) Version 21H1 (build 19043.128blink

Version of browser Firefox Browser 93.0 (64-bit)

Webpage URL Belarc Advisor (www.belarc.com/products_belarc_advisor)

Steps to reproduce the bug

    Start browser. Run Belarc Advisor to build a detailed profile of installed
    software and hardware.  This generates a temporary HTML file which is passed to the browser
    for display.  It is this page, in the browser, that cannot be completely captured by FireShot.
    It is an interesting anomaly.  I saved the temporary HTML file from its place in the
    in the Belarc folder ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Belarc\BelarcAdvisor\System\tmp\"}
    Having saved the file, I could display the page in the browser even if the
    Belarc Advisor had not been run.
    If the browser page is left unscrolled, FireShot captures only the initial page displayed
    on the screen.  By manually scrolling to bottom of the document, FireShot captured the
    initial page AND the final page.  Intervening pages were left blank in the capture.
    I was able to use the Windows print-to-file and the Bullzip PDF Printer to obtain a
    PDF of the complete page.  That was all I really wanted.
    There is no urgency.  I just found it curious that FireShot could not do what the
    Windows print-to-file and the Bullzip PDF printer were able to do so easily.
    I would prefer not to send a copy of the HTML file since it contains quite detailed
    information about my system.  The Belarc Advisor (www.belarc.com/products_belarc_advisor)
    can easily be downloaded and run to produce a similar HTML file.
    If you can't reproduce the problem, I can arrange to send you the HTML file.
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