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Symantec issue with Fireshot

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Posted:  27 Feb 2019 16:48   Last Edited By: PMinter
Dear Support Team:

I would like to make you aware of an issue with Fireshot and ask for your help in resolving the issue.

Today, I had a screen popup from Symantec that say "there is growing evidence that this file is untrustworthy".

The only options I'm given is to Allow the file to execute or to Remove the file from my computer.

I am a Fireshot Pro subscriber.  My company uses Symantec to protect our network and computers.  Apparently, Fireshot is wanting to update itself and a Symantec screen has come up saying that it does not recommend allowing the "fireshot-firefox-pugin.exe file to execute".  The Symantec message did not give a "plugin version"
I am using Windows 10  (64 bit)
Firefox version 65.0.1
Fireshot - moz-extension://de3dd09f-7249-4b13-8ccf-29b93de874e2/fsOptions.html[img]null[/img]

I was not able to add the Symantec message image. The "Image" option only allows images from a url.  I don't know how to post/upload the image file from my PC?

Because I have signed a Computer Usage Policy with my employer, which says I will not install any software that is unauthorized, I will not be able to allow the file to execute unless I get the IT departments blessing.  I am going to speak to them now, however, I have would like to know:

If my company tells me I have to uninstall Fireshot because of security issues, will I be able to get a refund?

Please respond ASAP.  The screen will not go away until I click one of the options.

Thank you!
Posted:  28 Feb 2019 04:30
Dear Peter,

No problem, you can always get a refund within the 30-day period since purchasing.

Anti-viruses are not perfect, they never know, if a file is *really* trustworthy or not. They are using heuristics algorithms in order just to guess better. FireShot is used by 2500000 customers - we do not have even a chance to make mistake (produce malware or spyware). It will ruin our reputation and the ratings (we have a 4.7 rating with more than 22000 reviews).
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