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Opens Folder Each Time It Saves a webpage screenshot

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Posted:  07 Nov 2011 14:04
Each time I save a screenshot with Fireshot, it opens up the folder I saved it to, so that I have to close the folder.

I don't see any way to shut this off in the Preferences, and it's never done it before now.

Any suggestions?

Screenshot Studio
Windows XP
Firefox 7.0.1
Posted:  11 Nov 2011 00:59
Hello Im a new user of Fireshot and I have the same question/problem than OP, I have noticed Fireshot opens the save folder everytime it takes a screenshot... which is really weird.

At first I thought it was a strange menu option somewhere but I cant see anything to disable it.

Im very happy with Fireshot I think it is a high quality program, specially for taking scrolled window screenshots, something it does flawlesly while most of the similar programs fail really bad...

but this feature/bug of opening the save folder after every single screenshot is just plain wrong and annoying.

I would be happy to have some kind of feedback about this issue please.

My specs:

-Plugin version: v0.94
-OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x32bit
-Firefox version: v8.0
-Steps to reproduce the bug: standard steps to take a screenshot and save to designed save folder
Posted:  14 Feb 2012 00:49
Same issue here. I know I chose that option during the initial setup, but now I cannot change it anymore.
Posted:  14 Feb 2012 00:53
It actually works for me now, after the last update of the program or Firefox.

Thanks for the fix, whoever did it.
Posted:  09 Mar 2013 20:06
Hi mainer, what version provided you the fix for this please?
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