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Saving error need help please!

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Posted:  14 Oct 2011 19:18
FireShot is up to date, OS WIndows 7, IE 8,

Start FireShot, screen capture to "edit", make annotations, etc. using edit tool, then click "save" and get this error.

[2] Failed to get access to folder "c:\Users\Sue's Laptop\AppData\Roaming\Fireshot\publish\"

I can't find anyway to change the folder, etc. I can save as a "project" to a file but it saves as an .ssp file and I can't figure out how to open the file.

Please help!
Posted:  28 Oct 2011 06:09   Last Edited By: JK
Warning before posting bugreports: please take into account that your bugreports will be ignored if you don't include the following info about your problem:

    Plugin version (i.e. FireShot 0.45)
    OS type and version (i.e. MS Windows XP Professional SP2, English)
    Version of Firefox (i.e. Firefox/
    Steps to reproduce the bug (i.e. Start FX, open FireShot editor, create a shape and try to save - you'll get an access violation xxxxxx)

P.S: you can try searching your files here: C:\Users\your_user\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Virtualized
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Posted:  06 Jan 2013 15:04
Just wondering if Sue's Laptop profile is admin.

c:\Users\Sue's Laptop\AppData\Roaming\Fireshot\publish\

I think that folder doesn't have write access.
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