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Full page screen capture with floating objects is messed up

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Posted:  21 Sep 2013 15:44
As the title suggests-
When capturing a whole page who have floating objects,
The floating objects are messed up,
Meaning sometimes I see part of a floating object below the original floating object, on top of other content,
When floating object are below each other (usually happens with flash videos) then upper floating object will show on part of lower floating object as well.

I think it has something to do with floating object take few ms more to refresh, and 'whole screen capture' is running faster than it take to refresh correctly.

I would suggest adding another 'slower' whole-page-capture feature to resolve this.

Thank you.

Plugin Version- FireShot 0.98.41
OS- Windows 7 Enterprise x64
Browser- Google Chrome 29.0.1547.76
Steps to reproduce the bug- capturing the entire page, no matter which way it's done, when page have floating items
Webpage URL- every page with floating items
Posted:  21 Sep 2013 17:32
Is this flash or Java based object? Try to update both and see how it works for you. Hopefully, it would make a difference.
Posted:  21 Sep 2013 18:20
Already with latest Java, Flash and Chrome.
Doesn't seem to make a difference.

And as for your question-
It is a Java based player.
Posted:  21 Sep 2013 19:34
It seems that it is working fine with FireFox.

I've downloaded it especially for it and it seems to be ok.
Must be a compatibility issue with Chrome.

Thanks anyway guys!
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