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Chrome button question

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Posted:  15 Sep 2013 23:10   Last Edited By: RS9
Plug in version: 0.98.41
MS Windows 7, SP1,64  Home premium/ with current updates, English
Chrome ver 29.0.1547.66 m
Registered user for years.
Where is the "Default tool bar button"setting  when using FS Pro on Chrome?
The "Preferences" option, and in fact the entire FS  "Options" in Chrome are significantly less... Can you shed some light as to why this is? Very irritating to go through several steps when doing repetitive copying... Such as banking balances and several accounts.
Is this ANOTHER intrusive restriction dictated by Google Chrome?
Thanks for your help.
Posted:  15 Sep 2013 23:23   Last Edited By: RS9
OOPS! I resolved the "Key" issue while composing this post and went on to my next question.I overlooked the title of my post. My apologies... Editing my original post doesn't allow me to access the original title. 

The corrected title should read: "Setting the button default action when using Chrome"

How did I resolve the original topic? Looked up my records and entered the correct syntax for my full name used when purchased. (Commas and suffix)
Posted:  16 Sep 2013 06:30

Chrome always remembers your last action as default. Next time you can click the button and use the first item in the popup - it holds your last action. This is a Chrome restriction, I tried to make is as useful as possible.
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Posted:  21 Sep 2013 17:30
I have search around but found nothing on Chrome. Is there a way to disable this restriction?
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