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Fireshot install the extension out of the Firefox's profile folder

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Posted:  20 Aug 2016 01:53   Last Edited By: santonino1981
Hi, I purchased the FireShot Pro, and updated the Fireshot to PRO in Chrome, I have a portable version of Google Chrome and everything is perfect, but my portable version of Mozilla Firefox can not activate to PRO because the Fireshot extension was installed in the next folder:

C:\Users\Usuario Particular\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\baezbnt2.default\extensions\{5e11ab1e-083c-11e5-a6c0-1697f925ec7b}\library

The folder under C:\USERS was created by Fireshot, because could not locate the real local profile folder of my portable Firefox.

I have my Firefox  portable profile folder under:
X:\********\********\profile\extensions (obscured by security reasons, the X is a real encrypted drive mounted under My PC)

Because of this I receive the error message:

fireshot couldn't open library sss dll error 126

My two portable browsers are under an encrypted drive for security reasons, so please understand and fix the Firefox issue, I will never use a local installed browser, the correct thing is to install the Fireshot extension under Firefox completely in the REAL local profile used folder like any another extension (in my drive X:), no other folder under the Windows user, thanks,


Plugin version: 0.98.85
OS type and version: Microsoft Windows Seven SP1 64 bits
Version of browser: Firefox 45.1.0 Portable
Posted:  23 Aug 2016 22:03   Last Edited By: JK
Dear Sergio,

FireShot install is not so clever - I'm sorry. unsure
But you can install it manually and activate Pro from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/fireshot/
FireShot Pro Pro Full Webpage Screenshots will be moving to a subscription model soon!
There's a last chance to purchase a Lifetime License and get a 33% discount! - https://getfireshot.com/buy.php
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