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Firefox screenshot problem with MailChimp

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Posted:  14 Oct 2013 12:51

This url is not capture completely by firefox.
If I scroll to the bottom it only capture the bottom part.
Get a free account at mailchip and you can check it(maybe you will have to send 1 campaign(which is free just add only one email address to the list and use a predesigned template and send it)

I am trying to capture the report and am unable too.

I also wish the capture selected region could scroll so i could have used that to capture the entire page manuall But it does not
Posted:  19 Oct 2013 21:16
This could be a Firefox version issue. What version do you currently have on?
Posted:  19 Oct 2013 23:55
Plugin version (FireShot 0.98.41)
    OS type and version (Windows7 Ultimate 64 bit)
    Version of Firefox (Firefox/24.0)
    Steps to reproduce the bug (Get a free account at Mailchip and then make a list with your email and make a dummy campaign from pre made templates and send it.
Then the Reports page will be active and it will be longer that HD resolution, if you have a smaller resolution the Reports page might scroll. Here the screen shot cannot be taken)
    Webpage URL causing this problem https://us7.admin.mailchimp.com/reports/clicks?id=306837
This could be a Firefox version issue. What version do you currently have on?

Not its not I found out that Fireshot is not able to grab this particular page(and maybe the other pages on Mailchimp.com but none of it had content long enough to scroll)https://us7.admin.mailchimp.com/reports/clicks?id=306837
IN both chrome and Firefox.
Also found out that google screen grabber is not able to take screenshots of this page in Chrome
So there seems to be an issue with the page. But I tried looking at the code and it only seems to rendered properly.
The page has a lot of ajax but the content does scroll
I think this is some new issues that firefox maybe have to work on as websites using the same kind of technologies will all face this problem
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