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Posted:  13 Dec 2010 22:56
first i want to say, why was i forced to register to submit an idea? seriously what a waste of my time. I'm never going to check this again, guaranteed.

I like fireshot a lot but there's not a single pro feature that interests me, sad right?

A feature that Would make me interested in purchasing fireshot would be the ability to schedule the program to take a screenshot of a list of websites at an interval of my choosing, say daily. It should run automatically in the background so I don't have to start it daily and it should separate each website into it's own folder with the date in the screenshot name.

Simple right?

bogus email, so sorry you can't thank me.
Posted:  30 Mar 2013 16:56
In my opinion, this feature would be seldom used for users. Perhaps you need a custom job on this?
Posted:  19 Aug 2021 09:44
I agree.

I have an amazing dashboarding tool that cycles through Dashboard screens in our office on chrome tab revolver.

At 11:59pm I would like to automatically capture that into a PDF to have a record of the whole day's data.

This schedule feature would be very useful.
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