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Automated License Retrieval

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Posted:  17 Jun 2013 14:28
Is there any plan to introduce an automated License Retrieval tool so that if we lose our license for FireShot Pro, transfer it to a different PC, etc, that we can retrieve it ourselves? Looking online, it seems very cumbersome to have to send you an Email to retrieve this code.

I recently got a new PC and cannot locate my original Email with my electronic registration/purchase information. Seems to me that many other product websites offer this type of tool.

Many thanks for this great cross-browser capture product!

I would like to keep using it but alas am stuck with the free version until I can get a hold of my license which I paid for.
Posted:  20 Jun 2013 21:35
i don't think that there's any but it's better this way. You just need to create a support ticket in the future I think if you happen to re install.
Posted:  20 Jun 2013 22:04
I'm not about to expose my Email address to anyone else in this forum via a "support request" which everyone can see, but thanks.  Hopefully the author of the software has read this and understands how important it is for privacy/confidentiality.
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