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No capture actions can be triggered if FireShot appears only in Tools menu

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Posted:  15 May 2015 10:12
Plugin version: FireShot for Firefox v0.98.70
OS type and version: MS Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 Ultimate, English, 64-bit
Version of browser: Firefox 38.0.1
Webpage URL causing this problem: any
Steps to reproduce the bug:

1. Configure FireShot to only appear in the Tools menu:
    FireShot > Preferences > General > Integrate into: [ ] Context menu [ ] Status Bar [V] Tools menu [ ] Navigation panel
2. Go to any web page and initiate any Capture action via the Tools menu
    For example, Tools > FireShot > Capture Visible area and ... > Save...
-> Nothing happens (in particular, no file chooser dialog opens)
-> The Browser Console shows a JavaScript Error:
   TypeError: Argument 1 of Document.createNodeIterator is not an object. fsoverlay.js:1726:22
3. After integrating into the [V] Navigation panel, capture (both via the Navigation panel and the Tools menu) works again.

I can reproduce this on multiple systems and browsers.

It seems like your implementation does not account for the fact that the DOM menu elements you intend to toggle are not necessarily there, and that UI wiring error then blocks the entire capture process.
Posted:  18 May 2015 11:36
Good catch! Thank you!
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