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%u doesn't work correctly

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Posted:  17 Jun 2016 20:06
I'm trying FireShot Pro for Opera v.0.98.85 (in FireFox and Chrome it doesn't work at all - not able to scroll the page to capture it entirely).

I created a custom header:

Titolo: %t
Indirizzo: %u     
Data: %d-%B-%y  Orario: %H-%M-%S

but %u always cut the last 2 letters of the address: for example, if the address is www.mywebsite.com, %u stamps www.mywebsite.c
or with an internal address like this www.mywebsite.com/page.html
%u stamps www.mywebsite.com/page.ht (resulting invalid addresses).
How can I fix that ?
Posted:  29 Jun 2016 18:21   Last Edited By: JK
You need to update it to v.0.98.97
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