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Firefox 46 rejects FireShot screenshot extension

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Posted:  24 May 2016 18:55
Firefox 46 has suddenly rejected FireShot.  I think it has just updated to 0.98.87.  Is this general?  Any advice on stopping Firefox from rejecting would be appreciated - I can't see how.

Posted:  24 May 2016 19:08
I've done a temporary patch by using about:config, but it would be a help to know there's no problem with FireShot  -  I wouldn't know how to manage without it!

Posted:  26 May 2016 10:59
This is uncommon. The 0.98.87 update is fully signed and approved by AMO. Please let me know if the problem repeats.
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Posted:  26 May 2016 15:59   Last Edited By: johnnice
It's still the same.  I reset the about:config entry so xpinstall.signature.required was true and restarted Firefox (it's ver 46.0.1)  Message, again, "FireShot Pro could not be verified".  Firefox help said: "Get add-on signed".

Posted:  10 Jun 2016 19:26
My fireshot has been disabled.... AGAIN. When will this be fixed?
Posted:  15 Jun 2016 22:03
FF 48 also rejecting Fireshot.....
Posted:  13 Jul 2016 19:25
Yes, this is the moment for manual updates from the Addons window.
FireShot Pro Pro Full Webpage Screenshots will be moving to a subscription model soon!
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Posted:  04 Aug 2016 00:17
Plugin version: FireShot Pro 0.98.87
OS: Windows 10 Pro 64bit (English)
Browser Version: Firefox 48.0

I use Firefox as my web browser and have it set to update automatically.

Today (Wed 08/03) it updated to version 48.0.  The update disabled my FireShot Pro.

In the Add-Ons section of the browser FireShot Pro is disabled with the following message, " FireShot Pro could not be verified for use in Firefox and has been disabled."  Firefox recognizes FireShot Pro as an unsigned extension, or does not recognize it.  I don't know what signed and/or unsigned is or means and never knew I should care.

The same  issue also occurred before today when Firefox updated to version 46.0 and then to 47.0 but I was able to work around both of those by modifying the "about:config" file in Firefox.  I changed the flag "xpinstall.signatures.required" from "true" to "false" and reinstalled FireShot Pro. 

That seemed with no problem to work until this most recent update today.  The work around I described, modifying the about: config file and  reinstalling FireShot Pro does not work now.  Firefox did something to tighten things up which rendered the described work around ineffective.

I am a licensed user of FireShot Pro and would like to know if you are going to continue development of your product to remain consistent with the Firefox web browser and its development?

Thank you.
Posted:  04 Aug 2016 00:24
I am also concerned about that as I keep getting notifications that I don't have PRO version when do.  Firefox is well on the way to version 50.0 and version 48 has just auto updated to version 49.   Would appreciate a clear answer on this from the Fireshot developers..
Posted:  04 Aug 2016 04:17
I notice on the Mozilla developers web page that beginning with Firefox version 48 any Add-on will have to be signed and the enforcement of this policy or rule will be beyond the control of the end user.  Which means there will be no viable work around that will enable unsigned extensions to work in their web browser.

My question is how difficult or costly to you (the developer/s) to issue "signed" Add-ons or extensions that will function with or at least be recognized by the newer versions of Firefox?

Your web site is encouraging people who visit it to purchase a full version of   a licensed copy of FireShot Pro.  However if your product does not work and is rendered useless in the current versions of one of the most popular web browsers available, then isn't that tantamount to a form of false advertising while soliciting and collecting payments under false pretense?

The problem with FireShot Pro and Firefox actually began with Firefox version 46.  The only reason I did not complain until now was because I was able to work around it myself, which I do not believe I should have to do since I purchased a license in 03/2015.  And now Mozilla confirms that its browser beginning with version 48 will only accept signed versions of any extensions without the possibility of a hack to get around it.

Are the versions of your product being offered to paying customers on you web site "signed" versions of your product?  If not the people paying for it and expecting it to work in Firefox from version 46 and up  are in for a big surprise.

You have a fantastic product.  I have used it almost daily for the last year and a half and I love it.  I paid for a licensed version (copy), but now the license is useless.  At least until you provide a fix or consult with Mozilla and find out how to create and issue a "signed" version of your product that their browser will accept.  You will also have to  keep up with their development by maintaining your product and not just collect fees from new and unsuspecting clients.

I would gladly pay for an upgrade if a functioning and workable upgrade were available.  Your product is that good.  At least it has been for me.
Posted:  04 Aug 2016 06:45
FireShot Pro 0.98.87 is now working fine with Firefox version 48.  Hopefully FireShot Pro will continue to work in future updated versions of Firefox as well.  I don't know what you did to make it work but thank you, and thank you for an excellent product.
Posted:  04 Aug 2016 20:14
I've just moved to version 48 and it tells me that Fireshot Pro 0.98.87 is NOT signed.  Please, what's going on???
Posted:  05 Aug 2016 18:52
Well, I'll be!  Fireshot has just appeared on the ribbon.  Glory be, it works.
Posted:  15 Aug 2016 23:17
Mine doesn't work in Firefox 48, I've tried a number of times.
I love this program
Posted:  15 Aug 2016 23:22
caliphs, you need to disable multiprocess firefox
FireShot Pro Pro Full Webpage Screenshots will be moving to a subscription model soon!
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Posted:  15 Aug 2016 23:43
Thank you I got it working nowbiggrin
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