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Screenshot extension - Firefox and Seamonkey browsers

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Posted:  10 Feb 2014 13:27
I started using this wonderful add on in Seamonkey when the previous version of Firefox started to misbehave. I have noticed that in Seamonkey when I use Fireshot it automatically adds the little arrow going towards the intended item, and the number box. That I love since I tend to make little how to's with pictures and can show the order to do the steps with this screenshot extension.

However when it comes to FF both in Vista and windows 8 the pointer does not do anything of the sort automatically. When choosing the pointer then drawing the arrow I need to do it myself (selecting in the controls to put the arrow on either end of the line.

I also have to reset its options in both programs about every other day, both computers...since they do not stay set.

If this is not in the right spot please move to correct area.

Windows 8 > 64bit > FF version 27.0
Vista SR2 > FF version 27.0  >  Seamonkey version 2.23
all using 0.98.48 of Fireshot

Does this forum send out notifications when replies are posted?
Posted:  10 Feb 2014 18:54
Hello and thanks for your kind words.

It seems that  some default styles were modified. You can check that in FireShot's options available from the Editor.

Yes, thi forum notifies you when replies are posted.
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Posted:  10 Feb 2014 21:42   Last Edited By: darkangel
I have set and reset the preferences into both browsers and although they have identical settings FF will only do the line without arrow I have to go to the side and manually set it.

I also need to reset preferences every time I use it after quitting FF and neither one of them will hold the color preference for the annotation box. Basically I need to reset everything almost each time I quit the browsers or some things each time I use it while the browsers are in use.

I do not have this problem with Seamonkey on Vista but with FF/vista and both in Windows 8 (weird since seamonkey is a derivative of FF engine.

I was just curious to know if it was something I was not doing right or if it is mainly a FF issue in either system software. with free version and pro trial.

A suggestion too, when newer versions come out if the preferences panel could be created with an "apply" button vs just the ok button. This would make things easier for setting them and yes I even tried clicking ok after each page of settings and that did not help either.


I forgot to mention that in FF --either system software-- the option for having the tools showing in the status bar are not showing when tic is in the box.
Posted:  15 Feb 2014 20:18
Nice idea. Apply would be for sure very helpful. This is on cases that you don't want to get out of the window yet.
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