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Preferences - Choice of default file location

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Posted:  10 Nov 2007 07:53
It would make life easier if I could instruct Screenshot where I want it to save files. The assumption of the app is to put images under the C: drive at "My Documents\My Pictures\Screenshot Studio Files". 

This may be fine for some, but I have about 1 TB of storage and the C: drive is almost half an alphabet (of drives) away from where I need them to go.
Posted:  20 Feb 2010 11:17
Mine is just the opposite...it will not default save the images in the Screenshot Studio *or* standard My Pics folder. Every time I choose save (which I must choose if I am going to get a choice as to what *type* of file I am saving the image is) it automatically wants to save to the very first folder I ever chose to save in.
PLEASE, give us the ability to change the default folder for where the images are saved, OR make the last folder saved to the default folder, just like Paint or Photoshop or any of that does. I really despise having to backtrack thru 3 subfolders to get back to My Pics *every* time.  Even better, since Save As *will* default to the last folder chosen for a save, give us the option of saving it as something other than a .ssp file since Gimp, Photoshop, and Paint will not recognize that format.
Posted:  15 Sep 2013 15:55
Count me in here please. It would be nice to select the download location to be organized.
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