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PDF Blurriness / High DPI Issue? Or just allow settings adjustment?

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Posted:  07 Jun 2021 21:01
Sorry the links are not active, when I put active links it said message cannot be posted.

Plugin version: 0.99.1
OS type and version: Windows 10 Pro English 19042
Version of browser:  89.0.4389.114
Steps to reproduce the bug: Open browser, go to google.com, resize browser window to a small size say 750x650 pixels,  click capture entire page and save as PDF.  Open the PDF.
Webpage URL: any but for example google.com
Windows Make Everything Bigger setting: 100%
Windows Resolution Scale & Layout: 100%
Let Windows Fix Apps So They Are Not Blurry: On
javascript: window.devicePixelRatio = 1

Nothing in the console log.

This seems to have been mentioned a few times before:

but as they didn't post I am not sure if this sample is worse or not.  Also I think it may relate to high dpi issues?

If I look at the output pdf it is 8"x8.3"  so size is good (google exports at 8.5x11 by default so should be similar).

I notice most of the option combo boxes in the plugin overrun likely due to dpi issues: postimg.cc/nC1bgsw3

Here is a screenshot of the PDF as displayed at 100% in acrobat you can notice some of the anti-alias issues in the text (likely what one of the posts above was making reference to):  postimg.cc/0KMjZYCX

At 150% the blurryness becomes more obvious: postimg.cc/T5bcWWBg

more complex graphics also do less well.

What is also odd is the font for the header/footer is set to consolas at 8pt but looks huge. I can manually set it to something like 5pt, but 8pt seems far bigger than 8pt should be.  Here is a word pdf that is 8pt 100% 8.5x11  (so nearly same page width): postimg.cc/CZK9XSRX
if you compare that to the 100% above you will see a large difference.

As you mention, you have to choose how to compress the images in terms of format and settings and balance file size with detail (and not sure if you resize images as well).  One option might be to add advanced / premium settings where users can make that call.  Specifying the DPI or JPEG quality settings for users who want a higher resolution capture.   

Here is a final example of bing.com at 100%: postimg.cc/m1FSF6tm

As mentioned, this might be a general issue but I am not sure if high DPI causes further problems for it.  For example a large PDF with several graphics may be 2.5 MB  but certainly boosting the quality settings so it was 4 MB (60% bigger size) if that made it far more legible would be a huge win.

Minor other oddity:  Setting the page size in the plugin to something smaller than it would generate results in same quality and such for everything (when zoomed to similar size).  Setting it to something larger than auto just adds whitespace in the direction it is larger.

The font size however for the header/footer remain consistent.  So 8 pt on 8.5" wide sizing is very different from how it appears on 30" wide (at 100% zoom the 30" wide looks much bigger,  if the 30" is zoomed out so the page is the same size at the 8.5" however then it looks the same).
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