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FireShot Pro (bought) in Firefox 90b1 (x64/Win10) fails to Create PDF files from Twitter.com

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Posted:  03 Jun 2021 14:48   Last Edited By: RegUser
I am trying to create a PDF file (joined) from a twitter Thread (multiple pages) at twitter.com using :
- Fireshot Pro 0.98.98 (FireFox add-on) with all permissions given to Fireshot and in fully licensed mode
- FireShot Pro 0.99.1 (Chrome Extension) with all premissions given and in fully licensed mode
- Firefox 90.0b1 (x64) on Windows 10 (x64)
- Brave 1.26.47 (Chromium: 91.0.4472.77) Official build 64-bit
- Using "Capture Entire Page and save as PDF" feature
- on Intel Core i9 / 5Ghz (8-core) with 32GB of RAM (i.e. fast)
- Windows Pro 20H2 build 19042.985 (x64)
- with Capture Options set to:
   - Set width to  : do not resize / 800 / 1000 / 1280 / 1600 pixels (all these options tried)
   - Do Not enlarge. Only downsize : SELECTED
   - Capturing Scrolling Elements : Detect and : USE

Regardless of settings, FireShot Pro creates different versions of same exact (old, not updated anymore) Twitter Thread URL (roughly 12 pages on a 4K display at 16px font size).

Often the end of the pages are missing completely in the resulting PDF file. Sometime the PDF file is only 1.7MB, at other times it is 4.7MB - this is all over the place from print to print (exact same URL / page).

URL to test (does not matter, take any long enough old twitter page):

It does NOT matter, if I have fully preloaded all images and scrolled the to-be-printed Web page from start to finish, letting all Twitter content preload (i.e. it is fully loaded).

The same exact URL / page seems to work on Chromium based browsers, HOWEVER it does not allow the creation of searchable text PDFs, like the Firefox add-on does, even if the  "Create text-selectable and Searchable PDF" feature is selected in the FireShot Pro PDF Save dialog.

1) Is the Firefox add-on "Save entire web page As PDF" feature working properly on Firefox 100% of the time (I can't get it to work)

2) Is it on the roadmap to be fixed?

3) Is the "Create text-selectable and Searchable PDF" feature also to the Chromium Extension going to be fixed - can't get it to work at all - all normal "Save as PDF" functions work from my Chromium ?

Thank you!
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