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File naming doesn't work proper for specific page being captured

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Posted:  04 Jun 2021 16:00

After the update to 0.99.1 it comes to an issue with file naming on the page www.leboncoin.fr

I set %n - %u to name screenshots and PDFs. %n for the counter and %u for the URL. If I shot a profile page of an account only the domain will be set as file name. But it's important for me to get the whole URL because of the profile number.

I tryed additional %t to get the title in the file name. But it doesn't work too. Same file name only with domain.

I also tryed it with the setting of the hooks for text objects for URL and title in the options. That works, both is full readable in the screenshots. Also the header in the pdf has the whole URL. Only the file names are incomplete.

Example URL: https://www.leboncoin.fr/profil/4a404c56-3c96-42ec-ac3e-eca4962869b2/offres
Produced filename: 001126 - www.leboncoin.pdf
Desired filename: 001126 - www.leboncoin_profil_4a404c56-3c96-42ec-ac3e-eca4962869b2_offres.pdf
(Same with png screenshots)

If I shoot an offer everything is all right.
Example URL: https://www.leboncoin.fr/telephonie/1993712154.htm
Produced filename: 001127 - www.leboncoin.fr_telephonie_1993712154.pdf
Desired filename: 001127 - www.leboncoin.fr_telephonie_1993712154.pdf

I have deleted the browser cache, cookies, ... I use the Chrome browser Version 91.0.4472.77 64 Bit and Windows 10 Professional 64 Bit current patch level.

Have you any idea?

Best redards

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