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Memory hogging

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Posted:  30 Oct 2012 13:22
This has been a consistent problem for me over many different versions of Fireshot, Windows and Firefox.  Current setup is Win7 / FF 16 / Fireshot 0.98 .

I use Fireshot to capture websites as I'm researching a news story.  Normal use is I get all the info I want, write the story then save the screenshots down.  This can be anywhere from 5-20 webpages saved one after the other.  These are usually all open as tabs in one window.

Once I've done the image saves and close the window I find I've got FF running with 300-600Mb even if I have just a single page left open.  The memory doesn't clean out using RamBack or FF's memory clean cycling.

Loads of testing and the issue is defiantly Fireshot and my habit of capturing loads of pages one after the other in this way.  I guess FF grabs the memory for the image then it doesn't get released.  I can kill FF and restore session and the memory drops back down to the 100Mb you'd expect for a couple of pages.

Can you please have a look and see if you can recreate?  I'm happy to give any and all help from my end as it snarls up my PC & FF big time and crashing FF to clear it is often inconvenient.  Thanks!
Posted:  25 Nov 2012 17:18
Hi can you please confirm if you're using a 64 or 32 bit Windows?
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