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Memory Error

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Posted:  12 Nov 2007 18:00
I receive the error:

Insufficient Video Memory
You need at least 66 megs of video memory.

My video card is 128 megs.

So far I haven't been able to make this program work; it is hard to help the cause the when the cause doesn't work.

I think the concept is great and would live for it to work.
Posted:  19 Nov 2007 07:06
If the system reports that you cannot allocate 66 Megs for screen capturing, then you haven't got FREE memory for it. Unfortunately I don't know the reason. But we can perform some tests to discover it. Please, drop me a line at bugfix (at) screenshot-program.com so we could fix it.
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Posted:  17 Mar 2011 13:58
I have a similar problem on windows 7 64bit. It works fine on all the other computers.

Insufficient video memory.
You need at least -276MB of RAM.

Closing and opening the program fixes it - but after my computer has been to sleep the problem persists. Please help.

Posted:  14 Jan 2014 21:25
What I did was disable sleep feature at Windows. I could leave with that. But I do hope that future versions will fix this though.
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