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Posted:  12 Nov 2007 13:00
Hi, quite an impressive app!
However, would prefer a smaller/less obtrusive icon. The icon stands out like a sore thumb on my Navigation toolbar - it's so much bigger and brighter than all the other icons. The app is used only now and then but the icon's too prominent - almost to the degree that's it starting to annoy me especially after updates.

Plus, when an update is performed, the icon is installed next to my search bar icon - which is annoying as it's in the way and I have to move it every time.

Thanks - keep up the good development.
Jon K
Posted:  12 Nov 2007 13:01
Sorry, just realised this is hardly a bug so probably in wrong forum.
Posted:  12 Nov 2007 13:52
In addition, when selecting text in firefox and r-clicking the text to show the context menu (to copy the text), the top two menu items on the context menu are "Take Screenshot..."
Why would I want to take a screenshot when I've select text? And why are the screenshot menu items at the top of the context menu (for a feature that is not often used). It feels like the application is getting in the way of my normal browser use.

When text is not selected and the context menu is opened, the "Take Screenshot..." menu items are not so prominent - which is good. However, maybe the Fireshot menu items should be in their own group instead of mixed in with standard firefox menu items - so they're easy to find but not too obtrusive.

Thanks. Keep up the good work!
Posted:  19 Nov 2007 07:09
Actually, the suggestions you wrote are great, but there are too much another work with higher priority.
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Posted:  19 Mar 2014 14:13
Sorry to bump this up but how about this year please. Any chance for this getting considered?
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