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It's no longer free???

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Posted:  13 Sep 2012 14:32
On one of my computers it keeps asking me to enter license key (in firefox), but it says it's free product! I tried putting any name and any key as suggested by someone before but this simply doesn't work, is this addon no longer free? how to fix it?
Posted:  16 Sep 2012 20:46
Fireshot is not a free product. It only has a trial version to get new users a feel of what the product looks like. Usually, after a month, you need to purchase it.
Posted:  03 Oct 2012 10:02
Flogger123, a couple of questions:
1) Are you a member of staff here?
2) Certainly you can't be talking about "Capture + Edit Webpage Screenshot  0.98.16"?

Posted:  11 Oct 2012 12:28
If you say it is not free extension then how come I'm using it on two computers for years and it's working and updating absolutely fine, but just stopped working on one of my computers because I once wanted to try Pro Version for 30 days and now I do not know how to switch to free version again! (uninstalling doesn't help) there are many people with this problem so someone could finally help!!!
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