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Chrome ext. won't update as required?

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Posted:  26 Aug 2012 20:36
Plugin Version : 0.98.3
OS Type: Windows Version: 7 Fully Updated - Professional

Browser: Chrome 21.0.1180.83 m

Reproduction: ANY engagement of Fireshot Extension


Starting this morning, Fireshot is now saying it requires an update and simply won't function beyond that dialog nag box without the update. I've tried updating, re-installing several times and ways and have done everyone I know short of actually removing Chrome itself to reinstall and come up with a clean and updated version of your extension. I use Fireshot regularly and actually dumped firefox 100% and entirely because I was having screen cap reliability issues with this and another extension. Capture ability is absolutely 'mission critical' to what I do and would appreciate any help that can be offered on how to satisfy the 'Update' requirement to return this software to a functional state.

Thanks for any help, in advance. I'm at the end of what I know to do and I simply can't yank Chrome and reinstall just to satisfy the update needs of one extension among over 3 dozen I have running. Any other ways to solve this?
Posted:  27 Aug 2012 04:54

I've just submitted a new version for Chrome. It should fix the issues you described.
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Posted:  09 Mar 2013 20:03
Hi Wrabbit, I'm just wondering, how did you resolve this issue?
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