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I try to save 10 tabs all at once and it disables my license

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Posted:  26 Feb 2023 02:12
Hello everyone, I am trying to explain a particularly strange bug that occurred. I was saving 10 open windows from my Chrome browser, afterwards it gives me the screen to choose where I wanted to save these tabs, I choose the folder, pressed the save button, afterwards the task completion bar appears but it doesn't move and after a few seconds it disappears completely, it didn't save anything.

The strange thing is that pressing the plugin icon present on the browser is as if it "unplugged" my key for the pro version of the program, making available to me only the options of the free version.

Trying to better understand what happened, I press from the drop down menu the option
"try the advanced features," and at the exact moment it downloads the plugin for me, another window pops up with an attached popup where I was being congratulated for switching from the free version to the pro version "you've successfully switched to fireshot pro", giving me all the options from the pro version available again

In an attempt to fix the problem, such as closing and opening the browser, I reproduced this bug 4/5 times, after which I didn't do it anymore for fear that maybe an automatic system would ban my key for too many activations (even though I was on the same pc as always). I also checked the console but did not detect anything unusual.

I "fixed" the problem by not choosing the folder when saving the screenshots, I settled for the one chosen by the program, and then only later moved the screenshots to where I wanted them. The pages I attempted to save were on freeCodeCamp; they were 10 texts page of various exercises.

Plugin version Fireshot Pro for Chrome v.1.11.25 (64-bit)
OS type and version Windows 10 Pro 22H2
Version of browser 110.0.5481.178
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