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FireShotAPI.capturePage,How to take a screenshot of the div element I specified

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Posted:  02 Mar 2024 18:53
Fireshot Pro for chrome v.1.12.18(64-bit)
Windows11 64
Chrome 122.


I have added a div element whose id is testId to the official example demo2.

<div id="testId" style="border: 2px solid red;margin: 10px ; height: 200px;width: 300px;" class="testDivClass">

Then use the following two kinds of code to take a screenshot of the div testId. In the end, there is no screenshot for the specified element.

1.code :  FireShotAPI.capturePage(true, cFSEdit, "testId", undefined, mycallback);
2.code: FireShotAPI.capturePage(flase,acFSEdit, "testId", undefined, mycallback);

May I ask:
FireShotAPI.capturePage= function (EntirePage, Action, CapturedDivElementId, Data, Callback)
What does each parameter in the method mean?
What kind of form should it be?
Where can I have relevant reference documents?

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