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Full Page SS File Type MS DOS?

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Posted:  22 Feb 2024 17:31
FireShot 1.12.18
Windows 11 Home 22H2
Chrome 122.0.6261.57 (64-bit)

Full page screenshot saved as image to OneDrive as PNG file type, but it won't open on mobile or PC.
Chrome download history says it was removed.

File properties within OneDrive show:
File type: MS DOS Application (.com)
Description: Name of file

When trying to open, it tells me:
"This app can't run on your PC"
"To find a version for your PC, check with your software publisher"

I can't figure out why this is happening, and I don't know why it's saving as a MS DOS (.com) file.
Posted:  22 Feb 2024 18:11
Yes, this is a common bug when you save a web page from the .com zone and save it to an image or a PDF. The issue is that Windows omits the last ".PNG" extension and treats the ".com" sequence as a new file extension, which is a MS-DOS file type. To fix that, please make sure the file extensions are shown in Explorer (if you don't see them, use preferences to enable it), then change the extension from .com to .PNG
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