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Fireshot extension appears to not be able to handle 4K display

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Posted:  06 Jun 2022 17:47   Last Edited By: Mike2020
I'm using a Dell P4317Q (43 inch) display and I keep getting errors while taking screenshots of multiple tabs, stating out of resources. This indicates that I don't have enough RAM, but my gaming laptop has 32GB RAM. I tried to take the same multiple screenshots of tabs on a 1080P monitor and there is no problem. So, Fireshot appears to not be able to handle large 4K displays.

Plugin version: 099.15
OS type and version: Windows 10 (latest with all updates)
Version of browser: Chrome
Steps to reproduce the bug: Taking screenshots of multiple tabs
Posted:  07 Jun 2022 22:48

The main process for FireShot is still 32-bit, so it can address only 2GB of data, that leads to limited dimensions of the screenshots. We're in a slow process to porting it to 64-bit to solve this issue.
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