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Error in console: Cannot read property 'split' of undefined

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Posted:  15 Feb 2016 09:55   Last Edited By: mnmldr
Errors in console which make it much harder to debug my own applications.

Error in event handler for runtime.onMessage: TypeError:
    at grabPageElements (chrome-extension://feljobobkhhonhjeekgonblbnbmbhlfb/oex_shim/operaextensions_injectedscript.js:974:47)
    at dispatchURLFilterEvent (chrome-extension://feljobobkhhonhjeekgonblbnbmbhlfb/oex_shim/operaextensions_injectedscript.js:988:27)
    at null.<anonymous> (chrome-extension://feljobobkhhonhjeekgonblbnbmbhlfb/oex_shim/operaextensions_injectedscript.js:1049:37)
    at exports.EventTarget.trigger (chrome-extension://feljobobkhhonhjeekgonblbnbmbhlfb/oex_shim/operaextensions_injectedscript.js:202:19)
    at OEventTarget.dispatchEvent (chrome-extension://feljobobkhhonhjeekgonblbnbmbhlfb/oex_shim/operaextensions_injectedscript.js:335:8)
    at null.<anonymous> (chrome-extension://feljobobkhhonhjeekgonblbnbmbhlfb/oex_shim/operaextensions_injectedscript.js:367:14)
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