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Stick to trial version.

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Posted:  09 Feb 2016 04:23
Hi !

I'd like to know how to stay to the free version of Fireshot, because whatever I try, FS tells me the pro version expired (despite the fact that I have the red icon) and I can't use FS anymore.

Moreover when I go to page of upgrade and select "
I acknowledge that my PRO features and data within them will not be available again until I upgrade", there's nothing to confirm that choice.

Is that deliberate ?

What can I do ?

Thanks !
Posted:  01 Mar 2016 17:04
I'm having same issues.  I can't even check what version I'm under without getting the popup trying for force me to purchase. Free plugin works in every other browser except for FIrefox.
Posted:  13 May 2016 17:02
I have the same situation, and I'm pretty much tired of the bull. It seems like it is purposely set up to force people to buy the Pro version. I am tired of this and will delete it as soon as I finish typing here.
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