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enabling FireShot screenshot extension API in options menu doesn't work

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Posted:  21 Sep 2018 19:01
Steps to reproduce:
Install FireShot
Go to Options
Check  enable Fireshot API
Click Save and Close or Apply
Checkbox Fireshot API is now unchecked and an alert box appears with the message: Warning FireShot API ist not enabled.

Windows7 Professional 32-Bit (also happends on Windows 10 Pro 64 BIT)
Firefox 60.2.0esr (32-Bit)
Plugin version: Fireshot

Browser Console Log:
Cannot send message: Other side disconnected: ["MessageChannel:Response", {result:0, messageName:274877910092, recipient:{}, valuesadvoid 0)}]  ExtensionUtils.jsm:536
    sendAsyncMessage resource://gre/modules/ExtensionUtils.jsm:536:5
    _handleMessage/deferred.promise< resource://gre/modules/MessageChannel.jsm:949:9
<unavailable>  fsUtils.js:653:17
permissions not granted  fsUtils.js:657:21
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