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downgrade to free version

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Posted:  03 Nov 2010 16:14
version 0.86
win xp pro
firefox 3.6.12

i use the  free plugin since Two year and today i have a popup who say to me : fireshot pro trial expired, please purchase.

i don't want purchase and i never use fireshot pro.

so how can i use again free fireshot?
Posted:  03 Nov 2010 16:16   Last Edited By: JK
Hello, please update to 0.87 version from here:


It will switch to free simple version in 30 days max.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
FireShot Pro Pro Full Webpage Screenshots will be moving to a subscription model soon!
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Posted:  03 Nov 2010 16:31
it works now

thanks a lot JK
Posted:  15 Nov 2010 04:14
sorry for being a mess.. but have the exact same problem and i used the 0.87 from the above link and it still asking me for a key...
Posted:  16 Nov 2010 02:07
This fix is not working for me and I am getting pretty frustrated. I never even requested the free trial
Posted:  17 Nov 2010 02:48
so... no one care for the free use, just because we are not paying for the pro version?
Posted:  18 Nov 2010 05:53
Who can help us about this issue, I don't want to purchase FS pro version...
Posted:  30 Nov 2010 12:42

I've read on the forum that within 30 days, Fireshot pro would convert to free again. However this still didn't happen, so Fireshot is still blocked.

Is there no other way to convert to free version again? I tried to reinstall, ... It is really annoying

Test on firefox 3.5.9 / Windows XP Professional
Posted:  09 Dec 2010 20:30
How could I delete the Fireshot Logo "S" from my tool bar ...I made a mistake some weeks ago and installed Fireshot Pro trial ...and trial is now expired what block the reinstallation of free version Thanks in advance for your help
Posted:  19 Mar 2011 19:46
I'm having similar problem.

All of the sudden I am getting "Fireshot Pro Trial Expired". I have uninstalled, reinstalled a bunch of times, even reinstalling Firefox and keep getting same problem. I uninstalled Fireshot for IE from control panel as suggested by some users. I have rolled back several versions trying. .88, .87, etc, still no luck. Somehow there is something missing??? Help! I love fireshot and use it all the time, need help!
Posted:  26 Apr 2014 19:34
Have you managed to get this working? I updated to a new version and that basically did it.
Posted:  19 Nov 2018 21:23
Do this:
1. Remove the FireShot extension
2. Close your browser
3. Find FireShot in your C:\Users\xxxx\AppData/Roaming folder
4. Delete the entire folder
5. Open your browser
6. Reinstall FireShot Lite
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