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Does not work with firefox 66.0.2.

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Posted:  10 May 2019 16:56
Dear Sirs,

we also have the same problem and the problem is still exist.

We are a licensed customer and paid for your plugin. We are using:

Fireshot 0.98.95,1
Firefox 66.0.2 (64 bit)

And it is very annoying that we can not use fireshot for days.

Q: When will Fireshot 0.98.95,1 work again for firefox 66.0.2.?

We do not want to us firefox 66.0.3. or later, because that new versions after 66.0.2. makes trouble with the facebook messenger and thats why we need to use furthermore firefox 66.0.2.

So please verify Fireshot 0.98.95,1 for firefox 66.0.2. okay? Can you do so? And how long it will be taken to do so?

Please answer to that.

Thanks so lot.
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