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Capturing from Brave: displaying a selection 4 times iso one

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Posted:  17 Apr 2023 14:36
When capturing from the Brave browser, the captured selection is multiplied 4 times instead of one.
* Fireshot Pro for Firefox v.1.11.25 (64-bit)
* MS Windows 10 Pro, Dutch
* Brave Version 1.50.119 Chromium: 112.0.5615.121 (Official build) (64-bits)
*Steps: bring up webpage in Brave -> make selection and save as PDF -> open the saved PDF. the PDF contains 4 times the selected picture, displayed below each other
* Website: https://www.costra.nl/165600195/165600202/[img][img]null[/img][/img]
Posted:  19 Apr 2023 17:57
Thank you. Could I please have a sample sent to contacts@getfireshot.com ?

P.S. Does it work if you capture an entire page, not just a selection?
P.S2. Does it work wrong even if you capture to Editor using the command "Capture selection/element and Edit"?
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