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Printing With Advanced Features Does Not Work In Chrome

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Posted:  23 Mar 2023 17:25   Last Edited By: rhodium29
Plugin version (FireShot 1.11.25 64 bit)
OS type and version (Windows 10 Home (x64) Version 2009 (build 19044.272blink, English)
Version of browser (Chrome 111.0.5563.111 64 bit)
Hey I  contacted you guys on Jan 27th by email with zero response and by Facebook messenger on Feb 15th with zero response in regards to a problem I'm having in Chrome.  I have a lifetime subscription and for whatever reason I cannot print out anything after I snapshot something when I have the advanced features added to my profile. Once I even attempt to print, the snapshot disappears and I go back to the original webpage and when I try to snapshot it again all of my advanced features disappear and I go back to the basic "capture selection, capture entire page.." dropdown menu setup. This occurs with any webpage not a particular one but the problem seems to only present itself when I try to print. Saving as Pdf for example does not seem to be affected and in no way resets advanced features to the basic functionality when I initiate it.

With the basic functionality (that every non-paying customer has), when I take the snapshot again and I try to print it out, it actually prints out without hassle. The moral of the story is my advanced features seem to disappear and are non functional and I do not know why when I try to print. I have attempted to correct this dozens of times by updating with "try advanced features" and getting the corresponding "You've successfully switched to Fireshot Pro" appearing over and over again. The above stated scenario in the first paragraph has happened for the last 4 months. Ironically enough there is zero problem with Firefox with the same plugin version but I use Chrome more so. Any help would be appreciated
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