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Cannot Save Options for Downgrade From PRO.

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Posted:  05 Oct 2014 14:04   Last Edited By: Astranomical
My issues seem to have occurred with 0.98.60 for FireFox (v32.0.3). I am running Win8.1 64bit and also use IE but without the fireshot plugin.
1) When I tried to use a feature the "Your FireShot PRO trial period has ended" page (I tried to post the URL but it would not let me!) appears behind a dialogue box. At the bottom of this page is the option to "I acknowledge that my PRO features and data within them will not be available again until I upgrade". Checking the box beside this option does nothing. This seems to be the broken bit.
2) Using the FireFox Add-Ons Manager (about:addons then Extensions -> FireFox -> Options) I can open the FireShot options dialogue box but pressing the OK button does nothing so I cannot save my options.

Please help!
Posted:  07 Oct 2014 09:21
Dear friend, thank you for your notes.

1) Yes, this is how it should work.
2) The update will be ready soon.
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Posted:  08 Oct 2014 13:35
Hi JK, Thanks for your response.

I was not clear on if the coming update is supposed to fix both of my issues or just the second one.

If it is only the second one, is my first issue a known one and when do you expect to fit that?
Posted:  04 Dec 2014 13:14
I see that issue 2) I had has been resolved but issue 1) has not. Is there any plan to fix this? I have stopped using Fireshot and am now using Screengrab! instead - should I bother hoping for a fix, or just uninstall and forget about Fireshot?
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