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Fireshot (Pro) and FF 69.01

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Posted:  23 Sep 2019 15:56
Firefox updated this morning to v. 69.01, and I am using Win 10 x64, up to date. Starting this morning FireShot Pro is totally unresponsive in Firefox. It does work normally in Thunderbird, as usual.
Help please. I am using the same FF settings as before, and cannot find anything in the FF update changes that would account for this.
Thanks for any help.
Posted:  23 Sep 2019 21:30
Hello. Can you please tell me more about this problem. Can you open FireShot's menu? Did you try choosing different capture options? Did you try capturing different web sites? Can you open preferences?

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Posted:  24 Sep 2019 02:02
The problem was that when I clicked the FireShot icon in FF, the usual dropdown menu appeared. When I clicked on any of the dropdown options, nothing happend, and nothing changed.

After I posted the above, I closed Firefox and re-opened it in Safe Mode (FF safemode, that is) by holding the shift key when I opened the program. FF loaded but did not appear to be in SafeMode as all of my extensions were loaded. I then set about getting rid of those I seldom used and/or those that did not appear to be necessary because with each update FF was covering those bases. One that I got rid of was the DuckDuckGo Security Extension. Decided I didn't need it as my Eset Security Suite took care of suspicious extensions. After removing the DuckDuckGo extension, a page-to-Pdf extension, and one tab enhancer, FireShot Pro loaded and operated normally.
Am relieved to have it working again as I really depend on it.
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