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Save buttons don't work

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Posted:  07 Oct 2014 22:38
In version 0.98.62 of FireShot for Google Chrome on Windows 7, the "Save as Image" and "Save to PDF" buttons sometimes simply don't work.

This issue seems very random but I managed to get the issue to occur consistently on Center Parcs' activity booking page (signin required, sorry):
• Affected webpage link: http://activities.centerparcs.co.uk/faces/jsp/PlanBreak.jsp
• Affected webpage title: "Center Parcs|Longleat|Activities Home"
• FireShot default filename template (issue presents): "%y-%m-%d %H-%M-%S - %t" (example: "2014-10-07 21-40-00 - Page title")
• FireShot default filename template (issue doesn't present): "%y-%m-%d %H-%M-%S" (example: "2014-10-07 21-40-00")

So, the issue SEEMS to be related to the use of WIndows-disallowed characters but I've had no problems on other pages that use two pipes (|), so maybe it's to do with the content too?

I'll post here if I come across any additional affected webpages.
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